Do you ever wonder why for some people work is enjoyable, fulfilling, and almost fun, while for others it is a painful drag and a struggle going from day to day looking forward to the weekend? Or maybe for yourself, do you have days when everything you do is easy? Creative ideas flow naturally and tasks are effortless. But then there are days where every task is a painful chore. You start the day with a to-do list and by the end of the day you are worse than when you started. If this is your experience, the testimonies of our clients suggest that maybe we can help.

What do we do? We offer training workshops and coaching to help you enjoy the fulfilling life God desires for all his children.  Based on the wisdom of more than 65 authors, our books are a collection of thoughts, tips, and stories designed to help you apply common sense principles and strategies. Our workshops are opportunities for learning, support, and accountability.  Check us out…

The Overcoming Overload Workshop

More with less is the new personal and corporate battle cry. Indeed, if we are to maintain our quality of life we must find ways to improve personal effectiveness and reduce the negative impact of work and information overload. The interdependent relationship between effectiveness, work overload, and information clutter means that if you can control one then you can manage the others. The results are enhanced effectiveness and improved work/life balance. (More… )

The Strengths Workshop

 You are created with strengths so you can have a life that is purposeful and fulfilling. Pastor and author Max Lucado calls this “living in the sweet spot of life.” Describing this he writes, “Life in the sweet spot rolls like a downhill side of a downwind bike ride.” In the sweet spot, life is fulfilling, and what you do is energizing.
The Gallup organization calls this playing to your strengths.  Are you playing to your strengths? The Gallup StrengthsFinder2.0  and their strengths-based books form the foundations of this workshop.  We can help you join more than 10 million people who have used this powerful tool to discover your God-given strengths and fulfill your life callings.  (More… )

 Growing an Engaged Church Seminars

Why are most pastors overloaded?  Could it be because in most churches 10% of the congregations do 90% of the work?   Growing congregational engagement will not only reduce the burden on overloaded pastors and leaders but will also help parishioners enjoy the abundant life promised by Jesus Christ and please the heart of God.  Based on the work by Gallup researchers and Dr. Al Winsman’s book, Growing an Engaged Church: Stop Doing Church and Start Being the Church Again, this is a leadership discussion that leverages more than 30 years of experience in organizational change management.  (More …)

Strengths Coaching

Athletes worldwide appreciate the critical role of effective coaching. The same applies to the game of life with its challenges and the opportunities for growth. While lives may have similar needs, solutions must be shaped by unique talents, strengths, and abilities. You are truly unique. Our objective is to unlock your hidden strengths so you can be the best you can be without burning out. Self-Directed Coaching is a trusting, purpose-driven relationship.  Stimulated by your coach, you uncover your hidden potential by using your unique talents, knowledge, and relationships. (More …)