Why are you here?

In his book, The Purpose Driven Life, Dr. Rick Warren suggests that we each have a deep desire to answer one question “Why am I here?”

Driving back from a funeral my wife asked me “What do you want written on your tombstone?” My wife’s question challenged me to reflect on my life purpose and ask “Why am I here?” I answered that I want to be remembered as one who was a faithful steward of the time he was given…

“Why am I here?” is not only a purpose defining question but also a stewardship question. Your answer will help you direct your life purpose and priorities. This is a question that we need to ask frequently.  Answered with honesty, this question will help you define the roles you play on the stage of life. You were created to play special roles. Roles are revealed in the impact you have on the lives of others.

 “Why am I here?” is a question about our stewardship of time. Time is the place where we invest our talents in relationships. Based on the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, I suggest that you and I will give an account of how and where we invest our time.

As a steward of the time you are given, how do you plan to use your time? It has been said “We measure what we value.” Do you value the time you are given? Measure it.
At the beginning of this New Year, take time and reflect on an average week in your normal life. Use the following table to provide a high level time inventory and plan:

  1. What is the percentage of time or the total hours you spend in each of the listed categories?
  1. In the same categories indicate your desired change.
Life Category Last Year Desired Change
  1. Personal: Include the time you spend in personal care and development including:

Physical: Sleep, exercise, relaxation …

Spiritual: Worship, personal devotions …

  1. Relationships: Include time with family and friends.
  1. Work: Include time spent to earn income. Be sure to include travel time to and from work.
  1. Service: Include time spent in the service of others and unpaid ministry roles.



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