More with Less Seminar

The challenge, More Effectiveness with Less Overload

Today’s pressing need is for improved personal and corporate effectiveness without sacrificing our health and wellbeing. The interdependent relationship between work overload and information clutter means that if you can control one then you can manage the other. The results are improved leadership, decision making, and operational effectiveness leading to better work-life balance.

Seminar Objectives

  • Identify the risks of title imposed roles
  • Consider a filtering model to help you prioritize:
    • Your high value roles
    • Your key value exchange relationships
    • Important Issues and related goals
  • Develop reasonable controls and work habits that support your high value roles
  • De-clutter to simplify your personal information systems and avoid information indigestion.

It’s Your Life

Regardless of organizational culture, you are responsible for your priorities and work habits. This seminar give you a new Personal Effectivness Framwork. With common sense principles, practical tips, and stories, this seminar provides a three part topical framework that will empower you to:

  • Develop filtering principles to prioritize wisely
  • Establish control to manage distractions and enhance collaboration
  • Use a unique filing methodology to simplify and de-clutter your information world.