Overcoming Email Overload

E-mail overload is not having too much e-mail; it is the resentment that comes from the culture of urgency and the misuse of e-mail as a communication tool.

E-mail has become a complex system integrating communication, information, and time management  as well as task and project controls. Regretfully, if it is misused, it results in compromised communication quality, ineffective work habits, and even personal and corporate liability.

Learning Outcomes

The Overcoming E-Mail Overload Workshop shows you how to improve personal and team effectiveness by providing you with the controls you need to:

  • Filter to prioritize and communicate more effectively
  • Improve your thinking and decision making processes
  • Manage unrealistic demands and distractions
  • De-clutter to reduce information indigestion and file what you need where you can easily find it
  • Acquire practical tips about time-saving e-mail tools
  • Learn the 4Ds to OHIO (Only Handle It Once)

The E-Mail Effectiveness Framework™

Email_FWThe topical framework  illustrated above will help you develop your own e-mail protocol and  policy. Regardless of organizational culture, you are responsible for your actions and e-mail handling habits. Using common sense principles, practical tips, and stories this workshop will help you develop a personal e-mail policy covering the following criti
cal areas:

1. Operational Effectiveness  and Efficiencies

2. Professional Communication and Conduct

3. Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities

4. Etiquette



  • Half day, $ 350.00 per person
  • Ministry, as part of the Strengths Ministry Integrity+ will donate ALL our fees. Churches and mission organizations use this workshop as a fund raising tool.

“I thank integrity+ for helping me overcome the fact and feeling of being overloaded. Personally, I have grained at least an hour a day which I now put to more profitable use. By using a better filtering system, I am more accessible and available to the people important in achieving organizational and personal goals.”

Jaywant Michael, University Professor, Quart UAE
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