Overcoming Meeting Overload

What Is Meeting Overload?

Meeting overload is not having too many meetings but rather it is the resentment of time and life wasted in ineffective meetings.

In today’s collaborative work environments meetings, virtual or in person, are a most effective communication venue. As meetings participation and the time we spend in meetings grows we cannot overestimate the need to enhance personal and corporate meeting  quality.

Learning Outcomes

The Overcoming Meeting Overload Workshop shows you how to improve personal and team effectiveness by providing you with the controls you need to:

  • Develop meeting objectives and goals to deliver higher personal and corporate value
  • Avoid the risks of “title imposed roles”
  • Use simple processes  to improve your meeting participation and leadership
  • Inject  “think time” to ensure meeting outcomes
  • Reduce meeting overhead with simple agendas, minutes, and notes.

The Meeting Effectiveness Framework™

Meeting_FWInstead of rushing back to back meetings we can help. Like a well oiled set of gears this illustrated topical framework will help you develop your own meeting protocol and  policies. Regardless of organizational cultures you are responsible for your actions and meeting effectiveness. Using common sense principles, practical tips and stories, this workshop will help you develop meeting policies that focus on the following critical areas:

1. Meetings Purpose and Goals

2. People Roles and Collaboration

3. Effective Process and Controls

4. Flexibility and Meeting Styles

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  • Half day, $ 350.00 per person
  • Ministry, as part of the Strengths Ministry Integrity+ will donate ALL our fees. Churches and mission organizations use this workshop as a fund raising tool.

Steve B“Baha allowed each team member to take ownership of their task by providing a framework of what was required of them while allowing each member to develop their own processes.

I highly recommend integrity + and Baha’s coaching skills to you and hope that you take full advantage of what he has to offer.”

Steven Baal, CGA, CFO, CBM Canada