Overcoming Overload Workshop

Doing More with Less

Overloaded Circuits: Why Smart People Underperform” is the title of a HBR article and the underlying them of this workshop. Doing more with less is the new personal and corporate battle cry. If we are to maintain our quality of life we must improve personal effectiveness and reduce the negative impact of the overloaded world

The interdependent relationship between work overload and information clutter means that if you can control one then you can manage the other. The results are improved leadership, decision making, and operational effectiveness leading to better work-life balance. The tools you get will support you in:

Learning Outcomes

The Overcoming Overload Workshop shows you how to improve personal and team effectiveness by overcoming the negative impact of work overload and information clutter. You will be able to:

  • Prioritize  your roles and  relationships
  • Improve your communication, collaboration, and decision making
  • Control  unrealistic demands and distractions
  • De-clutter to reduce information indigestion. File what you need where you can easily find it

The Personal Effectiveness Framework™

Regardless of organizational culture, you are responsible for your actions and work habits. Using common sense principles, practical tips, and stories, this illustrated three part topical framework will guide you as you:

P.effectivness Fwk

1. Develop filtering principles to prioritize wisely

2. Establish control systems to manage distractions

3. Use a unique filing methodology to eliminate information clutter

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  • Half day, $ 350.00 per person
  • Full day, $550.00 per person
  • Ministry, as part of the Strengths Ministry Integrity+ will donate ALL our fees. Churches and mission organizations use this workshop as a fund raising tool.

 They Wrote …

Jaywant M“I thank integrity+ for helping me overcome the fact and feeling of being overloaded. Personally, I have grained at least an hour a day which I now put to more profitable use. By using a better filtering system, I am more accessible and available to the people important in achieving organizational and personal goals.”

Jaywant Michael, University Professor, Quart UAE

” I have followed your recommendations for the past 5-6 years and I amMargie E pleased to say that I continue to be very well  organized. …Because of your help I am able to still maintain my sanity in this fast paced, busy environment. I am forever grateful.”

Margie Eastwood, Senior Manager, Ministry of Health, New Brunswick

“Beyond the very practical recommendations you have given regarding time and work management, however, has been an even more valuable contribution, i.e., the revision of our understanding of our roles and resultant expectations. It has been comforting and freeing for us as individual team members to realize that our roles are best defined by what we are expected to be rather than what we are expected to do”.

Reg Andrews, Executive Pastor, The Peoples Church

“Your preparation, presentation and direct assistance with my dire--Wendy.Gilmorectors and me have already proven to be of great value….     I personally feel a tremendous weight has been lifted in being able to better manage the increasing volume of messages, paperwork and demands upon my time. The impact was immediate.”

Wendy Gilmour, Vice President,  Sunnybrook Health Sciences