Coaching Resource

Our coaching, guidance and advice are based on the wisdom of many respected authors and is supported by the experience and advice of many leaders and clients whom you will meet in the pages of our workshop and coaching resource books.

This book provides common since principles to help you:

  • Filter and wisely prioritize more effectively
  • Controls to help you improve your communication, collaboration and work habits
  • A filling methodology by which you can de-clutter and simplify your information world   and overcome the risk of information indigestions.

 Along with thoughts, tips and stories this practical book is full of excises and templates to help you be the best you can be without burning out.

To read inside the books see and search by authors,  Habashy.

Book Reviews:

“This book, offers commonsense, practical, and effective tools for dealing with your overload. I can honestly say that attention to the suggestions offered could save your life. It can certainly help you achieve a greater sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in every aspect of your life.” Archibald D. Hart, Ph.D., FPPR. Senior Professor of Psychology and Dean Emeritus,  Fuller Graduate School, Author, Adrenalin and Stress

“It is my privilege to train Life Coaches and I will be including this book as a vital part of the curriculum for anyone who is serious about taking charge of their life and impacting others.”  Warwick Cooper DMin, President, Compass Coaching International

“ This book absolutely motivates! It gives you hope that you can tackle this overwhelming issue we all are wrestling with. Pauline Maddeaux, CA, Manager, IBM Canada, Business Controls

“… an outstanding job of mixing practical, pragmatic, and theoretical solutions to common struggles and issues faced by all of us. This book provides gripping, first-person examples; tried and tested solutions; and actionable, personal worksheets all in one place.”  Ken J. Bates, SPHR, Chair, Department of Business & Economics, Houghton College