Unit / Fees Price


Needs Assessment Tool

Effectiveness and Overload Gauge™

  • Web based survey
  • Confidential Participants’ Report
  • Sponsor Needs Assessment Report
  • One hour consultation and report review
$10.00 /person Minimum $250.00Maximum $1,000.00
  • Pre-workshop interviews, assessment, and preparation
Included at no cost Up to half-hour with each workshop participant


  • Half day workshop or less
$350.00 /person Minimum $3,500
  • Full day workshop
$550.00 /person Minimum $5,500

Seminars, Webinars, and Presentations

  • 90 minute seminar, customized on site
$100 /person Minimum $2,000
  • 60 minute web based webinar
$75 /person Minimum $1,000
  • Keynote presentation / Seminars
$3,500.00 Up to 90 minutes

Coaching, Consulting, Facilitation and Support

  • Fees can be adjusted in response to clients’ organizational size and economics
  • Coaching fees may be adjusted in response to client’s financial abilities
$200.00/Hour Contracted in 6 hour blocks
  • Post-workshop phone and e-mail support
  • E-letter, “Thoughts and Tips on the Road to Overcoming Overload”
  • Clients only Refresher Webinars
12 month fixed fee $400.00 Within reasonable limits


  • Challenges, Changes & Cures: Improving Effectiveness by Overcoming Work and Information Overload

See inside the book at Amazon.com ISBN 978-0973649345

$24.95 246 page book – paperback edition 25% Discount Applicable
  • Exercises, pre-workshops/seminars
Included at no cost Provided as PDF, Client copied
  • Session handout notes
Included at no cost Provided as PDF, Client Copied