Baha Habashy and Margaret Habashy are the founding partners of Integrity+ Consulting.  For over forty years they have partnered in life. They bring over fifty years of experience in Knowledge Management, Organizational Development, Consulting, Library Sciences, Healthcare and Executive Coaching.

With more than 40 years of Church ministry their Christian faith forms the foundation of their life work. Working with clients as large as IBM as well as churches and local charities, they collaborate in helping organizations, leaders, and knowledge workers improve personal and corporate effectiveness and face the challenges of an overloaded world. They are the authors of  five books on related subjects. Four of them are available in Spanish. With workshops, seminars, webinars and coaching, their clients give testimony to measurable, sustainable, improved effectiveness by controlling work and information overload.

Baha Habashy
Founding Partner, Integrity+ Consulting
24 Dewitt Court, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3P 3Y3
Phone: (905) 294 – 0380

+ Communicating  with integrity on subjects that affect today’s leaders and knowledge workers
+ Speaking with passion and a desire to improve the effectiveness of today’s leaders
+ Coaching and Consulting with experience gained from working with hundreds of clients

Baha draws upon a 45-year career in the  Organizational Development, Healthcare, consulting and executive coaching. For more than 40 years he played many leadership roles in church and para- church organizations. His experience allows him to focus on the highest value points to enable improved effectiveness and organizational change. He possesses strong consulting, coaching, communication, and interpersonal skills that are essential in finding solutions, developing partnerships, and deploying critical projects.

Baha was awarded a Bachelors of Commerce and successfully completed a Healthcare Internship at MacMaster Health Sciences.

Subject focus:

  • Strengths Development and Effectiveness (Based on StrengthsFinder2.0)
  • Overcoming Work and Information Overload
  • Growing an Engaged Church
  • Overcoming Meeting Effectiveness
  • Overcoming Email Overload

Margaret Habashy
Partner, Integrity+ Consulting
24 Dewitt Court, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3P 3Y3
Phone: (905) 294 – 7084


A love for knowledge and organizational disciplines empowers this professional librarian. Over 25 years experience gives her unique practical insight. Having worked for the corporate library system and the school library system she has a keen desire to help and support young and old alike. She helped start and manage several church and non-profit libraries. She is an excellent listener with perceptive organizational skills.

Margaret was awarded a Bachelors of Arts and a Masters of Library Science.

Subject focus:

  • Work and Information Overload
    De-clutter to simplify your work and living space
  • Knowledge Research


Integrity+ Consulting is associated with high integrity independent consultants who:

  • Desire to do the best for selected clients
  • Commit to communicate with an integrity that transcends all rules creating an atmosphere of honesty in all they do
  • Seek to leverage credible relationships for common good
  • Give each other permission to present and reference our experience and credentials but not make any commitments on behalf of each other unless confirmed in writing with the knowledge of the appropriate client

If you have a question or a specific point of interest, please do not hesitate to ask us. We will be glad to research and refer you to an appropriate resource that may be of help. All you have to do is send us your e-mail. We will gladly respond.              E-mail us