To ensure that we deliver maximum value, we go further than just testimonies. We use four practical yardsticks:

  • Evaluation letters and testimonies by the executives who sponsor our services
  • Measurable results from our workshops and coaching
  • Objective evaluation from the participants in our training sessions
  • Written feedback comments from workshop and seminars participants

Evaluation Letters

“Commenting on the workshop one of my managers wrote, ‘Amazing, I will put these teachings into action with enthusiasm.  I felt relief just absorbing the information.’ I would strongly recommend this session to our clients, suppliers and every overloaded manager and knowledge worker.”

Orgad Grath, CA, Chief Executive Officer, TGO Consulting

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“In my role, my challenge was to develop and deploy programs that provide measurable, sustainable benefits for individuals and teams, looking for better balance and greater productivity, in the face of ever growing workload. I believe the Overcoming Overload Workshop is such a program.”

Violette Lareau, Director, Engagement & Wellness, Xerox

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Measurable Results

Using our Effectiveness and Overload Gauge™ we measure the before and after impact of our services. The overall change or improvement for the workshop and coaching participants is in excess of 28% over an eight week period. Reflected in:

  • Improved effectiveness — increased 25%.  This translates into 2.3 hours per person per day.
  • Filtering and prioritizing — increased 26%
  • Controlling unrealistic demands and distractions — increased 29%
  • De-cluttering to reduce information overload — increased 30%

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Objective Evaluation

At the end of each presentation we gauge the effectiveness of our content, approach, and delivery by asking the participants to agree or disagree with seven qualitative and objective statements. The following is an average summary of all the participants’ responses:

Written Feedback Comments

At the end of our sessions we ask our participants a basic question: “If asked about this session, what would you say?”

Here is a sampling of what they wrote:

  • “Extremely relevant material – I can’t think of anyone that would not be able to relate.” — HM, Marketing Manager
  • “Very engaging. I normally fall asleep in sessions like this but I did not miss a wink.”
    — LM – Vice President
  • “Fabulous speaker and very interesting.” — SK, Manager
  • ” Going to start implementing these practices.” — OC, Sales Associate
  • “Great content – enjoyable, very practical.” — SS, Project Manager
  • “Very informative & upbeat! Humour was very nice!!” — HR, Consultant
  • “Excellent and important in today’s fast paced world.” — BW, Manager
  • “Focused my ‘improvement options’ I am committed to addressing within 2-4 weeks…” — ML, Placement Manager
  • “I’ve come away with ideas to make my daily work more productive.”
    — LT, Program Manager
  • “I hope more people get an opportunity to take this course/sessions.”
    — WP, HR Manager

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