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Saeed El-Darahali, President and CEO, SimplyCast.com (return to top)

“In creating a global business I often seek the wisdom of good advisors. Baha Habashy has been one of my most influential advisers to date. He has an approach like no other. His most important strength is that he will not waste your time and will help you deliver results repeatedly. Having work-life balance is a dream for many but with Baha’s Life Plan process it can be a reality. Invest in your life today. I am glad that I did.”

Dr. Andrew Lau, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Community Church (return to top)

“Your coaching empowered me to find clarity and focus in my roles and responsibilities; as a result I can prioritize my time in aligning my life calling with corporate vision and mission. …  I am applying some of your coaching approach and tools with my own pastoral team and hope they will use it with their ministry leaders. I would recommend every pastor to learn from your approach so to recalibrate his/her ministry and to rediscover a renewed sense of missional purpose which God has uniquely imprinted upon each individual.”

Susan Malenica, Director CIBC Mortgages Inc (return to top)

“Integrity + Consulting was recommended by someone I highly respect. My objective was to help my team become more efficient, more effective and to identify and implement practical solutions to the information overload that burdens their work lives. Results: Participants gave very positive feedback. The overall satisfaction of the learning session was in excess of 92.5%. Many of them found it to be one of the best sessions in which they have participated.”

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Ruth Moore, Missionary, Alberta Canada (return to top)

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your time and coaching, Baha. You truly have been a blessing and an encouragement as you have helped me to understand myself better. You have equipped me for better service to the Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Doug Stirling, Director Corp. Accounting, IBM Canada (return to top)

“In the three months since we had your education session we have made a great improvement in clearly understanding our roles and in our personal effectiveness. We learned not only that we were not focusing enough on the high value aspects of our roles but also that we had developed many bad work habits that inhibited our efficiency and personal effectiveness…we have made many changes that are leading us to be more effective and more satisfied in our work lives.

Thank you for the excellent program and your caring touch.”

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Alfredo Umana, General Manager & Lisa Umana, Director-Leadership Development (return to top)

“In the world of executive coaching, there are those who are astute, those who have experience, those who have ample expertise, but then there are those who have the gift of wisdom. Baha Habashy leverages this gift exquisitely in order to offer you keen insight and ask you questions that help you discover your areas of deficiency. Both my husband and I have received timely coaching from Baha and recommend him without reservation.”

Wendy Gilmore, Vice President, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (return to top)

“The purpose was to analyze the challenges and goals in setting and conducting useful meetings. Many of the concerns we all share today with the increasing number of meeting requests are: lack of/wasted time, understanding of purpose/role, action plans and follow-up.  Baha provided a thorough and practical view of the process and numerous suggestions as to how we can all orchestrate more efficient and effective meetings.”

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Charles Price, Senior Pastor, The Peoples Church (return to top)

“The ‘Overcoming Overload Workshop’ conducted for our staff was probably the most helpful workshop we have held in recent years. Its practical tips are superb, its philosophy of seeing Roles rather than Tasks is liberating, and the wit, wisdom and spiritual insights of Baha and Margaret Habashy was a joy to listen to.”

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 Jusep Sim, Executive Director Urban Covenant (return to top)

“Starting new Charity Organization, I knew I needed a coach to help me ensure life balance. Not only did I find a great coach in Baha, I found a man who approaches his craft with humility and vulnerability that has allowed me to approach him with the same openness and trust. I have appreciated his one on one coaching and the value this has brought to my new career and family life”.


John McGarry, Chief Executive Officer, River Valley Health System (return to top)

“Many months later I am pleased to report that the positive impact still remains.  So much so, that we decided to leverage this success by engaging Integrity+ to lead our directors in a similar process. Based on this outcome we are considering expanding this workshop by offering it to managers as well.”

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Dave McComiskey, Director, CBM Southern Africa (return to top)

“As a leader in a Global NGO, sustainability and return on investment are very important to me. A few months ago I went back to visit CBM Canada where I was Executive Director from 1999 to 2009.  One thing I was glad to notice was that the team still applied the practices of the Overcoming Overload Workshop I sponsored in 2007 – 2008.

By background, what had led me to engage Integrity+ for this workshop was a sincere concern I had about the wellness of our team in light of ever growing global demands for our support and services. The results of this training were very impactful and I highly recommend it.”

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Ron Hoffman, Vice President, Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories (return to top)

“Your input in these meetings was of great value…The following are some of the comments given in the workshop evaluation survey:

  • Highly productive and stimulating
  • I have been given a resurgence of energy which I needed, thank you.
  • It helped me see how business development sales and customer service depend on each other
  • Very positive workshop; helped me refocus and stay focused”
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Cathy Ward, Manager, Human Resources, Money’s Mushrooms (return to top)

“Personally, I immediately implemented a number of your/Margaret’s suggestions: rearranging my office and changing my daily habits, for example having only one item on my desk at at time to focus on, prioritizing other items which are held in a drawer out of sight. … It works!. Since that time I have sensed a distinct reduction in stress! Thanks…”

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Kirk Merrett, Director, Professionals Association, (return to top)

“I would not hesitate to recommend you for presentations to companies or professional organizations such as ourselves. Your professional presentation motivated our members to take action after the meeting which is an important measure of a successful development meeting.”

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Violette Lareau, Director,  Engagement & Wellness, Xerox (return to top)

“In my role, my challenge was to develop and deploy programs that provide measurable, sustainable benefits for individuals and teams, looking for better balance and greater productivity, in the face of ever growing workload.  I believe the Overcoming Overload Workshop is such a program.”

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Brian Dawkins, Business manager, The Peoples Church (return to top)

“The insight you have shared with us have had a significant impact on our productivity. You have also challenged us to simplify our work and that too has led to many interesting and beneficial discussion among those who attended your workshop.”

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Joelle Perez, Manager, IBM (return to top)

“I have to say that over the years I still revert to your principles when feeling overwhelmed… I try not to let my inbox manage me and have it define my role; focus on the high value deliverables being the key. Your principles and workshop empower us not to give in and remind us how to take control!”

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Gregg Bryce, Executive Director SIM CANADA (return to top)

GreggBryceThe material you used was very specific, it was very practical and yet it fit into a process that was very overarching with the different modes of communication…You clearly laid out the areas we would deal with and you succeeded in meeting your objectives as well as our own….  This was a must seminar for our organization. We look forward to the next seminar for 20 more of our folks to go through it. Thank you again for a great day and your input into SIM CANADA”

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Jaywant Michael, University Professor, Quart UAE (return to top)

In my time, I have attended many seminars, but only a handful of them have had a lasting impact. Your program definitely falls in that category and has already impacted in a positive way several staff members and me….

I found your program unique in quite a few ways. Firstly, the primary focus is on the how to organize rather than the what. The practical steps suggested are very doable and hence in my case it has actually got done! Another outstanding and valuable element is your on site personal coaching which makes the whole program truly customized and effective.”

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Donald Ross, Vice President Med-Emerg International Inc. (return to top)

“I would highly recommend your program to anyone interested in helping their team manage the information overload that we are faced with in our day to day activities. I wish you success in your business and would be pleased to provide a reference to anyone requiring more detailed information about the benefits obtained during our session.”

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Karen MacDonald, Regional Director, River Valley Health (return to top)

” Our most recent project with Integrity+ was to review and improve our meeting culture. This helped us:

  • Assess our meeting overload and resulting costs
  • Become aware of the individual and organizational pitfalls
  • Paint a roadmap to change

The result:

  • Senior management accepted a set of guidelines to change our overloaded meeting culture
  • Set the stage in defining a set of measurable base line data to guide our personal and corporate improvement objectives.”

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Dionne England, Senior Manager, CIBC Mortgages Inc (return to top)

“I engaged Integrity+ Consulting, having heard of the positive results their workshop has had on anther division in CIBC. What impressed me about their work is their thorough approach.  Short telephone interviews were conducted with some of my team leaders prior to the workshop to ensure that the material would be relevant.  The follow up conference calls and meetings ensured that the material we learned was being implemented into our daily routine.

I am pleased to encourage other managers and businesses leaders to consider this workshop as a tool to help them improve the effectiveness of their people and to guard against the negative impact of information overload.”

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Teresa Scannell, Career/Work-Life Consultant, University of Toronto (return to top)

“Thank you for delivering the “Overcoming Email Overload” …  The average satisfaction level based on evaluations was 87.7%… One of our employees said it was the best session she has attended in years… we would be delighted to repeat the session on all our campuses.”

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Karen Westaway, Programs Director, Grand Valley HR Association (return to top)

As Human Resource professionals we struggle not only with managing our own overloaded lives but how we can improve the effectiveness of the leaders in our organizations.  The framework you presented is a very valuable tool towards this goal.  I hope many of our members will take it back to our respective corporations.”

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Grace Cunningham, HR Manager, Global Payment Canada, Inc. (return to top)

“…During that session I was impressed with their content and the quality of their communication. What they taught us that day was of immediate benefit to me as I returned to my busy office, my hectic work schedule and the high volume of messages in my e-mail inbox.

Later, Baha came and gave a brief presentation to our CEO and the senior management team who agreed that Integrity Consulting address as many of our staff as possible… I truly appreciated Baha’s attitude and flexibility in working with us. In my opinion they went beyond the call of duty to serve our needs.  They are most sincerely recommended to anyone who needs their services.”

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Ron Pirie, President, The Advantage Group (return to top)

“The material was timely and useful for all of us at The Advantage Group.  As you saw from the ratings provided after the session, our people felt they got a lot from your material.  As several of them said: ‘I’ve come away with ideas to make my daily work more productive.’  ‘Great ideas’  ‘Tons of stuff I want to do to get better organized and more efficient’.”

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Michelle I. Hutchinson, President, Synaptix Solutions Inc. (return to top)

“As my coach, you’ve helped me enormously in weighing my options and making sound business decisions…  After applying your techniques and insights I am more organized, clear about my priorities, and have the advantage of greater freedom from overwhelm!”

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Karen Andrews, Director Strategy and Channels, IBM USA (return to top)

“Your tips for e-mail, voice mail & paperwork are duly recorded along with the 4D’s of information processing.  Your information processing model was easy to understand and I hope I am able to implement it in even some small fashion.  I know it will make a difference in my work day.”

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Tracey Whitehouse, Chief Operations Officer, TGO Consulting Inc. (return to top)

“One of our corporate goals for this year is to make it easier to do business with TGO. We feel that we have made good progress towards that by investing in the ‘Overload’ program with Baha so that we are able to be more responsive to our clients.”

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George J. Abate, Vice President, Controller, Xerox (return to top)

“In the months since we have participated in the workshop and follow-on coaching sessions, I believe we have made significant progress in improving our personal effectiveness. This bears out in the numbers — the Effectiveness and Overload Gauge improved by 36% comparing results taken before the workshop to results taken 8 weeks after. Personally, I especially found the tips and coaching around handling e-mail to be quite impactful. The “Read, Think, Act, File” sticker is prominently displayed above my laptop computer screen!

I also believe that as a result of the improvement in their work lives that my team’s personal lives and overall work/life balance have improved. I know that mine has!”

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John McNeill, Senior Pastor, Forward Baptist Church (return to top)

“Your presentation was very interesting and relevant, for even though you are not a pastor, you made every effort to relate the material to the real life challenges that we face. Your examples and illustrations used to apply these principles of self-management were helpful.”

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Trent Dark, Director — Organizational Development, Mount Sinai Hospital (return to top)

“Baha brings unparalleled passion and depth of knowledge. He delivers the material in a warm and practical manner that is understandable to the learner. His sessions are well-organized and the handouts are superb. Margaret is his coach and interjects with excellent feedback and commentary, gauging the reactions and involvement of all participants. Consequently, the sessions run very smooth and are participatory. We received excellent feedback and evaluations from participants, some who want these sessions to be mandatory to all staff!”

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Wendy Small, Program Coordinator, Toronto Board of Trade (return to top)

“Our attendants were extremely satisfied with the results of your workshop and we have had a large amount of positive feedback. Our member feedback has indicated that your workshop surpassed their expectations by covering all areas of concern with regards to organization and time management. There were many senior managers in attendance and they found that the content was relevant to employees of all levels.”

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Orgad Gratch, CA CEO, TGO Consulting Inc (return to top)

“Commenting on the workshop one of our managers wrote, ‘Amazing, I will put these teachings into action with enthusiasm. I felt relief just absorbing the information.’

I personally thought that the ‘Help for Information Overload’ session was extremely effective, and I immediately turned the learning into action. I would strongly recommend this session to our clients, suppliers and every overloaded manager and knowledge worker.”

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Pat Clinch, Director, Organizational Development, Scarborough Hospital (return to top)

“Your information was pertinent to their day-to-day challenges with information. Your tips were practical. Feedback post session indicates that participants are putting these great ideas into practice — the true test of learning! ”

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Dan Germain, VP and C.F.O., Credit Valley Hospital (return to top)

“Eight weeks later I am pleased to report that the results exceeded our expectations. Information overload gauge data collected before and after the workshop reflect an overall improvement of 39%.

For me personally, I am more effective; my information handling is more organized; my office has become a showcase to my peers and I have more time to give to professional development and my personal life.”

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Wendy Gilmour, Vice President,  Sunnybrook Health Sciences (return to top)

“Your preparation, presentation and direct assistance with my directors and me have already proven to be of great value and I personally feel a tremendous weight has been lifted in being able to better manage the increasing volume of messages, paperwork and demands upon my time. The impact was immediate. I have also received positive feedback from the team that it has been of tremendous value.”

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Margie Eastwood, Manager, MIS, Health NB (return to top)

“I have followed your recommendations for the past 5-6 years and I am pleased to say that I continue to be very well  organized… Because of your help I am able to still maintain my sanity in this fast paced, busy environment. I am forever grateful.”

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John Ogilvie, President nd CEO, Kildara Corporation (return to top)

“Baha, your Value Measurement Framework is a very effective tool. In the future this framework will help us focus on the right customers — customers who respect our product leadership and who appreciate our value as partners in long-term relationships… On behalf of our management team thank you for your integrity, professionalism and good effort.”

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Reg Andrews, Executive Pastor, The Peoples Church (return to top)

“Beyond the very practical recommendations you have given regarding time and work management, however, has been an even more valuable contribution, i.e., the revision of our understanding of our roles and resultant expectations. It has been comforting and freeing for us as individual team members to realize that our roles are best defined by what we are expected to be rather than what we are expected to do”.

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John McGarry, Chief Executive Officer, River Valley Health System (return to top)

“The results were very encouraging. At the end of the workshop we were asked to score our overload gage and compare it to data collected at the beginning of the workshop. Individual improvement ranged between 16% and 36% with an overall average of 27.3%.”

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