Results & ROI

Yard Sticks

In gauging our effectiveness we use three yard sticks.

  • Actual change or improvements resulting from the Overcoming Overload Worship
  • Participants Evaluation and Feedback Comments
  • Evaluation letters we receive from our Executives and Leaders who sponsor our services

Change and Improvement

28% Change over an 8 week period. 2.6 hours per person per week is your potential ROI. Our client tailored process and coaching results in measurable results illustrated in the following graph.  The Effectiveness and Overload Gauge is our needs assessment survey. Taken before the workshop, it helps us focus the workshop content. The followup, taken eight weeks after our training, provides an objective assessment of the realized benefits of each individual in your group.

Click see an example of a detailed client progress report.

Evaluation and Feedback Comments

Evaluation must be credible. At the end of each learning session we gauge how we have responded to the participants’ needs and if we delivered practical solutions that make them more effective. We ask them to gauge our effectiveness using  seven simple and clear qualitative statements. The average overall satisfaction is higher than 91%

In addition, at the end of our sessions we ask our participants a basic question, “If asked about this session, what would you say?”

Click to see evaluation summary and feed back comments.

Evaluation Letters

We greatly appreciate the evaluation letters we receive from executives and business leaders who sponsor our workshops and seminars.

Click to see a sampling of comments or read full letters they sent us.

How do we do it?

We are often asked for our secret to getting such great results. Here is the simple answer:

  • You diagnose before we start using our needs assessment tool, The Effectiveness and Overload Gauge™.    (Read more…)
  • We are focused on challenges facing today’s leaders and knowledge workers.  (Read more…)
  • Our products meet the pressing needs of the knowledge based economy. (Read more…)
  • Our services respond to the constraints of busy people like you.   (Read more…)
  • We use topical frameworks supported by practical easy-to-tailor templates and tools. (Read more…)
  • You are in the driver seat. Our client tailored process is there to meet individual needs as well as budget and time constraints. (Read more…)

Put together in the hands of motivated people, results speak louder than words.  (Read more…)