The Strengths Ministry is a totally free not for profit service where Integrity+ Consulting donates its services in partnership with churches, mission organizations, and Bible Schools.  Our ministry objectives are:

  • To help people discover their God-given strengths and fulfil their highest callings
  • To help church leaders develop engaged strengths-based congregations
  • Provide mission organizations and Bible Schools with Biblically based StrengthsFinder2.0 training tools to support their work and ministry.


Integrity+ Consulting will donate four services and their related books and resourcesSM-Offer:

  • The Engaged Church Seminar:  This is a 60 to 90-minute church leadership seminar based on the Gallup book, Growing an Engaged Church.
  • The Strengths Workshop: This provides a Biblically based teaching forum as well as tools that are offered to churches and mission organizations in a workshop and/or small group settings.
  • The Overcoming Overload Workshop: Overcoming Overload is the key to improved effectiveness and healthy work habits. The Personal Effectiveness toolbox will help you priories your role, control unrealistic expectations and de-clutter your information world.
  • Strengths Coaching: Athletes worldwide appreciate the critical role of effective coaching. The same applies to the game of life.  Our Self-Directed Coaching methodology seeks to leverage our workshops related resources provided at our eStore.

Ministry Leadership Team

This team acts in a manner similar to a governing board but without any legal obligations.  This roles based team seeks to promote and direct the growth of this ministry and provide any oversight and accountability of the operational team to protect its values and its people. Ministry Guidelines:

  • Regular ministry expenses will be covered by the charitable tax credit offered to Baha and Margaret Habashy by the Canadian tax system.
  • Mission trips are a partnership between an inviting church in the majority world and a sending church based on a clear mission objectives and guidelines. Mission trip charter is available on request.

Andrew Lau PhD
Cornerstone Church

Mr. Doug Stirling
IBM Canada
Pastor Ivan Mendez
AICP Ministries
Tim Jacobson. PhD
SIM Canada

 Operational Team 


Margaret Habashy

--Baha-HeaqdBaha Habashy