Engaged Church Seminar

Overloaded? At a recent pastors association meeting, I asked those who often feel burdened and overloaded to put their hand up. The vast majority of the pastors put their hand up.

Why are most pastors overloaded? 

  • Could it be because in most churches 10% of the congregation do 90% of the work? 
  • Why is it that few do so much while the majority do so little?
  • Could it be that, because Congregational engagement is declining, the church is losing its relevance in the lives of its people?

Overloaded lives negatively impact the health and well-being of Christian leaders, their families, and the church. This grieves the heart of our loving Heavenly Father.

Growing Congregational engagement will help reduce the burden on overloaded pastors and leaders. More importantly, it will also help congregants enjoy the abundant life promised by Jesus Christ.  For this reason, we are glad to offer  The Engaged Church Seminar. This is a leadership discussion tool set that takes advantage of the work by researchers from the Gallup organization and the excellent book by Dr. Al Winsman, Growing an Engaged Church: Stop Doing Church and Start Being the Church Again” This is a totally free gift to the church. 

Seminar Content and Resources

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