Pastoral Leadership Retreat

Are you overloaded? To find out click here for a 1-minute test. 

In Matthew 11:30 Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Why is it then that most pastors feel overloaded and almost overwhelmed by the load of their calling?


For many years we served leaders in organizations as large as IBM as well as pastors of small churches. From this vantage point, we believe that pastors and church leaders have a higher risk of the overloaded life and its destructive results.

How can we avoid this risk and at the same time fulfill the great commission Jesus gave to the church in Matthew 28? To answer this question we are glad to offer this pastoral leadership retreat with two objectives:

Overcoming Overload by Living Your Strengths

Strengths psychologists tell us that you can avoid the risk of overloaded life when you focus your life and ministry roles on your God given strengths. Based on the Parable of the Talents, Matthew 25, this retreat will give you an easy to follow topical framework to help you discover your God given strengths and prioritize your roles so you can fulfill your callings.

Growing an Engaged Church by Living Your Strengths

Your people are most engaged in the church family when they have opportunities to use their God given talents doing what they love to do.  Using the book, Growing an Engaged Church, as a resource, we will discuss the Gallup Congregational Engagement Model and steps to member engagement.

Together we will examine Biblical truth on how we can build the church. We will provide practical tools to empower your congregants to invest their talents doing what they love to do and where they bring the greatest return for the kingdom.

This Is Not New

Are you overloaded? Pastors know the answer to the dilemma of overloaded lives. They preach it on Sundays and use Scripture as they counsel their parishioners during the week. The problem is that they often fall short of the time to think of how they apply it to their own lives. The objective is to help pastors and leaders take the time to think and calibrate. We believe that pastors and leaders can overcome the risk of overloaded lives by living their strengths and growing an engaged church.

The Toolbox

In addition, each participant will gain access to The Strengths Workshop Toolbox.  This is a totally free web based resource that can be used in church retreats, small group studies, one on one coaching as well as independent personal study.

What They Said About The Strengths Workshop

At the end of each Strengths Workshop session we asked the participants a simple question, “If asked about this workshop what would you say?” The following is a sampling of what they said or wrote: