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Case Study

 At work, church, or the community there are great teams and not so great teams. What is the most important factor that contributes to the creation of great teams? What is the most important thing you must do if you want to be most effective as an individual, a team or company?  Marcos Buckingham explains in a 12 minute video.   

You can be one of the few who know their strengths. 

At the end of each Living Your Strengths Workshop session we gauge the effectiveness of our content, approach, and delivery by asking the participants to agree or disagree with seven objective statements. The following is an average summary of all the participants’ responses:

Written Survey Comments

Some of the written comments by those who took part in the Living Your Strengths Workshop.

Elkin“The Living Your Strengths Workshop was a gift from God. It helped us discover, understand and appreciate our differences, diversity of our Strengths. Now we are equipped with an amazing tool that will not only benefit our personal lives, but all of our family, church, work and friends. As you put these tools in practice and it will maximize your life to fulfill the purpose of God in all areas of your life. We totally recommend it.  Baha and Margaret Habashy are a wonderful team”.  Elkin and Sandra Cardenas, Business Professinals and Church Elders

  • “A life changing workshop.”
  • “… highly beneficial and must attand workshop.”
  • “Helps one focus on the positive, key strengths.  Helps one see how these strengths are evident in one’s favorite activities.”
  • “I’m discovering what and how to execute my strengths.”


  • “Most empowering and effective in maximizing what God entrusted to us”
  • “Identified and helped me see my strengths in a new way”
  • “Good to have strength themes identified and affirmed.  Good to affirm strengths in my spouse.”
  • “Strongly recommend you try it.  Well worth your time”
  • “I wish I had taken this workshop 20 years ago. It would have had a major impact on my career choices.”
  • “Great!  Enlightening!”

Learn Your Strength

Do you know your Strengths? Peter Drucker said “Most Americans do not know what their strengths. When you ask them, they look at you with a blank stare, or they respond in terms of subject knowledge, which is the wrong answer.”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfkc-yj4yq4

Marcus Buckingham says that if you want to consistently play to your strengths you must be able to clearly articulate your strengths.

More They Said …

  • “Helpful way to begin thinking about strengths.  Inspiring to know we are uniquely made, have distinct contribution to make”
  • “I enjoyed the workshop.  Very enlightening.  I think it is important to understand my personal strengths and know how to use them.”
  • “It was profitable.  It affirmed my strengths and gave me the terminology to express what my strengths are.
  • “I would like to recommend anyone to a workshop like this to explore our God given strengths to be more effective for God’s glory.”
  • “It was interesting to see how different people’s strengths can work together with others.”
  • “I would say it was very meaningful.  It encouraged me to ‘own’ defining my strengths.”
  • “Would encourage others to take it”
  • ” Very good, Interaction to others in small groups was most beneficial”
  • “Would strongly recommend it”
  • “It’s a life-changing workshop.”
  • “Is a helpful venue to focus on honing our strengths towards specific roles.”
  • “Very informative.  Challenging.  Empowering.  Affirming”
  • “This session was important in helping me take my strengths to the next level in terms of engagement for all of life.”
  • “Informative and enlightening. Educational”
  • “Highlighted my top 5 strengths.  Helped me to focus and write down my action plan”
  • “Informative, provokes reflection and self assessment”
  • “Good introduction to learning about your strengths and starting to put own words into each one”
  • “I would highly recommend it to anyone.”
  • “It was great!!  Would recommend to many!”
  • “Well done.  Good for people to take to discover themselves and grow with a positive outlook”
  • “I really enjoyed the workshop.  It was very engaging and the time flew by.  I learned more about myself.  I liked Baha’s positive approach to the workshop.”
  • “Very helpful in learning about yourself and how to work on your strengths”
  • “The workshop was beneficial and helpful and helped me to understand myself better.”
  • “Very much needed for today’s culture.  Informative, empowering.  Very much in-line with kingdom concepts.”
  • “Excellent written material.  Facilitator prepped well and gave consideration to individuals and their themes and how these themes might work in the individual’s work/job context.”
  • “Helpful in affirming who I am to how God made me – gives practical insight in helping you find joy and satisfaction in what you do and how you live, from day to day”
  • “… helps to see how my strength can be applied to different parts of daily life.  It also shows how your strengths are not compartmentalized, but are part of who you are – they impact as parts of your life.”
  • “I absolutely LOVED it!  This is transformational and life changing.  There’s a lot of career counseling stuff out there but to have a Christian concept is so important.  I like doing the foundational stuff first before goal setting.”
  • “Very encouraging, Biblical, informative and above all ‘AN EYE OPENER’
  • The session provided an excellent overview of the ‘Living Your Strengths’ approach and the exercises we can do to ‘own’ them.”
  • “This workshop was very revealing of an important counter-society perspective of how to become more of the person God meant for me to be.”
  • “I would recommend it to others.”
  • “Excellent materials and well prepared and presented”
  • “Hopeful perspectives and framework given.  Also helpful practical steps and tips to get there.  Facilitator very knowledgeable – good facilitating, responding to questions”
  • “Good to hear personal stories shared and learn more about each other.  Enjoyed personal sharing time together.  Felt blessed and affirmed by the encouragement of others.”
  • “It was a great session!  Lots of things to think about”
  • “Helped clarify much of the confusion I had from the exercise book.  The discussions are excellent!”
  • “Helped me clarify and focus my strengths to be more effective in life”

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