Going Deeper

According to Genesis 1:26, your strengths are a reflection of God’s character.  The more you learn about how God made you the more you will learn about your God’s purpose and calling on your life.

Your strengths are like a huge gold mine or like diving for treasures in the deep see.  You can always go deeper by learning from the insights and experience of others.  This is the objective of the pages and links you will find in this Going Deeper section. There you will find one page for each of the 34 Strengths themes.  Click the linked Theme and you will find almost two hours of related videos, detail Theme description and other helpful links. The longer training videos you will find on each Going Deeper pages are part of the Gallup Theme Thursday webinar series. These webinars were started by the late Curt Curt Liesveld.

In memory of Curt’s work, Gallup created a video that captures Curt’s introduction for each of the first 24 theme Thursday webinars.

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