Strengths In Education

  • How can parents help their children build identity that makes them feel special, unique, and strong?
  • How can teachers help a student develop their God given talents so they can fulfill their life callings?

The answer is simple. Help them discover their God given strengths.

For years we have offered the Strengths Workshop for parents and teachers. This Biblically based process is built on the world renowned Gallup StrengthsFinder2.0 assessment.  The same principles that helped millions of adults around the world can help your students discover their God given strengths. We would like to introduce you to:

  • Educators, parents and youth pastors have a God given role in helping our students discover their God given strengths.
  • Surf the web and you will find loads of tools and resources. Here is an example of what a strengths based school looks like.
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How do  you build strengths based education in the home or the school?

Strengths based education requires a cultural transformation.  This transformation starts when the student, parent and teacher discover their God given strengths, but the transformation must must be funded on a clear purpose and measurable objectives.

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See what teens say about      StrengthQuest →

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