The Strengths Workshop

Do you feel overloaded and tired of the treadmill of life? Do you wonder why you are here and whether there is more to life than this?

The answer is simple. You are uniquely created in God’s image to “glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” This is the abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10.  This is living your life callings.

Start with discovering your talents and your God-given strengths. As you live in your God-given strengths you will be playing to your strengths and you will find your sweet spot of life.

Are you playing to your Strengths? Take a simple test. 

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The Strengths Workshop is a totally free ministry. Its objective is to help God’s people discover their God-given strengths and fulfill their life callings.

With strong Biblical foundations you will use the world renowned StrengthsFinder2.0 to discover your God given strengths. With the wisdom gleaned from more than 60 authors and leaders you will build a framework to prioritize your life roles and fulfill your life callings.

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They Said

At the end of each Strengths Workshop session we asked the participants a simple Question. “if asked about this workshop what would you say?” The following is a sampling of what they said or wrote:

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More than 14 million people in churches, global organizations, and leading  universities around the world have used Gallup StrengthsFinder2.0 with stellar results. Building on this web based survey, in this workshop you will gain two specific tools:

  • A formula to help you understand, articulate, and communicate your God given strengths
  • A process to guide you as you prioritize your roles so you can fulfill your life callings.


The workshop will introduce you to many tools and templates.   To help you start this great journey, we start with three Strengths Discovery tools. As a follow up to the workshop we give you  resource rich Strengths Workshop Toolbox. These tools are designed to optimize your  effectiveness and team relationships.


The Strengths Workshop is offered in English and Spanish as:

  • A totally free donated service when offered as part of the Strengths Ministry. Churches may use this workshop as a fund raising tool
  • Fees for business organizations are as follows:
    • Half day: $ 350.00 per person
    • Full day: $550.00 per person
    • Coaching and Facilitation: $200.00 per hour

They Wrote


“During my 20 years in the corporate world I attended many personal development workshops. The Strengths Workshop is among the very best if not the best I have taken. The Gallup Strength Finder material is world renowned.  The Integrity Plus team do an amazing job.  They are extremely relevant, engaging and effective.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking to increase their effectiveness, focus on strengths and positively impact their organization.”    Sam Saif, Business Executive 

“This workshop was revolutionary. It has helped me to see myself as someone with a unique stamp that has a unique role to play in my home, my community, and my world. It also helps with my interactions with and expectations of others. Knowing how our strengths can work together to achieve even bigger and better things with less stress is very exciting. I would recommend this workshop to everyone.”   Michelle White, Teacher

“This workshop helped me discover my strength and why I act the way I act. …   It was also an eye opener in terms of gaining a better understanding of my wife and what she is realy good at. …  The concepts are very applicable to my workplace as we try to put our best foot forward to win work in a very comparative marketplace.” Brett Sears, Consultant and City Planner

“This workshop is transformational and life changing. There are many career counseling and training tools available, but to have one with a Christian lens offers God’s hope and adventure. The facilitators encourage us to understand the unique ways that God has created us as a necessary step needed before setting long term goals. …  I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and would highly recommend it to others.”  Marian Shehata, High School Teacher

“This workshop was most beneficial and we highly recommended it for every one who seeks to improve their life effectiveness. It did not only affirm us in our strengths but also gave us the terminology by which we can express this to others. … ” Charles and Darla Sutherland. Business and Minstry Leaders

“… I found the exercises to be especially helpful … As I further explore my strengths I see how they link together I realize that God designed me in this way, for a very specific reason. I look forward to seeing how I will use these strengths in my ministry, relationships and work life.” Joanne Ching, Occupational Therapist, Pastors Wife

“Had I been offered the Strengths Workshop 30 years ago, I might have made different decisions regarding my career choices.” John Klintworth, Founder, King of The Court

“The Strengths Workshop provides participants with a structure and related terminology that helps them to make sense of things they’ve intuitively known about themselves for years, but had not quite been able to define, or put a finger on. The workshop has now empowered people in our church to understand, apply, and build on their God-given strengths in a way they never could have without it.” Dr. Steve Shaw, Pastor

Recardo“I took this workshop with the purpose of helping my teenage son find his strengths and focus his schooling. In the process it help me to reinforce my own strengths and rediscover what I forgot. For a long time I have been pushing my son to focus on math & science which may be his lesser strengths. This has  caused a lot of friction in our relationship.  After the workshop I decided to change my focus and be a more affirming Dad. Things have improved a lot, both in our relationship and at school.  I totally recommend this to every Dad who wants to help his kids.”  Ricardo Mendoza, Business Professional  

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Important Note

The Strength Workshop is an Integrity+ Not for profit ministry. Integrity+ Consulting will donate its services to charities committed to the glory of God in our world. T