Strengths Coaching

Athletes worldwide appreciate the critical role effective coaching plays in their personal and professional development. The same applies to each of us in the game of life with its challenges and opportunities. We believe that everyone needs a coach. According to Mathew 28:19 everyone should see himself as a coach. We coach you so you can coach others.

You are unique!

When you were being formed God gave you your own unique talents and strengths. He created you in His image to do good work (Genesis 1:27). Through your life journey, God continued developing you to where you are at this point in your life. By His Spirit, Jesus wants to continue building your strengths so you can fulfill your life callings.

  • Do you know your strengths?
  • Are you developing your strengths?
  • How are your strengths impacting your world and your relationships?
  • What roles must you play to fulfill your life callings?

We offer a transferable two stage coaching process will help you learn your strengths and live your strengths. This self-paced process is tailored to your needs and development plan.  We follow a biblical model we call it Christ Centered Coaching.

Christ Centred Coaching

Christ Coaching.The attached diagram illustrates the foundations of this transferable coaching model. Coaching is a purpose driven partnership between a Coach, a Client, and Jesus Christ.  Christ’s Spirit empowers the coach’s strengths motivating him/her to help the client discover his/her own strengths responding to his/her own needs. This is an intentional, disciplined transferable Coaching Process supported by easy to use thinking and communication Coaching Tools.

Strengths Development Coaching

SDC.StepsYour strengths are like your muscles you exercise and develop them by applying to your life roles, responsibilities and relationships. Using a two-phase process you will learn your strengths so you can live your strengths. As illustrated, this client directed process includes six steps. Each step includes five – seven personal exercises. These exercises are presented as simple easy to follow coaching questions. While this process can be applied independently its best results are achieved with the help of a coach or supporting a competent friend

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Our books are used as coaching free resources


  • Business Clients Fees: $ 200.00 per hour
  • Ministry Fees: As part of the Strengths Ministry fees will be discounted or totally donated for individuals engaged in the work of the church.