Learning Lab Resources

The Strengths Workshop can be used in a series of small group gatherings or a retreat requiring limited preparation time and leadership effort. To help you apply this model we are pleased to offer the following free resources.

At the end of each Strengths Workshop session we asked the participants a simple Question. “if asked about this workshop what would you say?” The following is a sampling of what they said:

Why small groups?

Over the past years, we delivered this workshop to many groups large and small. The evaluation and feedback we received have been most affirming.  Yet we feel that the greater impact will come through the support and accountability of a small group of like-minded people.Please let me explain.

The teachings of Jesus Christ were profound and simple. Yet they were hard to apply because they were counter cultural.  For this reason, He invested a lot of time in a small group of disciples where He focused more and more on the life application of His teaching. In a very practical way, Jesus gave us a model of how you can have the greater impact.  It is in small groups.

The principals in The Strengths Workshop are simple yet counter cultural. We believe that the greater impact will be by following the Jesus model. For this reason, we divided the workshop content and related videos and resources into six segments that are easy to facilitate.  These are Biblically based resources for churches, mission organizations seeking to use the world renowned  Gallup StrengthFinder2.0  as a leadership development tools.

For leaders who chose to play an active part in this, we will offer coaching and ongoing support resources.