Pre-workshop Tools

The Strengths Workshop is a participatory process. It starts with using discovery tools. This page will help you acquire tools that you will need to prepare your workshop homework. If you do not have your homework package, please contact your Strengths Workshop organizer.

Discovering Your Strengths (Required)

Please read this carefully before clicking on any links.

Before coming to the workshop you must discover your top five Strengths Themes and use them as directed in your homework package.  You have 2 options to discover your Five Strengths Themes:

Option A) (Preferred Option) – The Clifton StrengthsFinder2.0 assessments is the most respected and best-known tool for helping you discover your strengths. There is a cost of $20.00

If you were not given a SF2.0 code by the workshop organizer click here to purchase a code from Gallup.  Once you have a SF2.0 code click here to do the assessment. Allow 45 – 60 uninterrupted minutes do this.  After you complete the assessment Click here to get your Strengths Report. For help contact Gallup at 1-888-561-5270.

Option B) If you are not able to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder2.0 assessments, please click here to download another tool that can help you discover your strengths.

Once you have discovered your five strengths please go back to step 1 in your homework package for the link where you can provide us with the information we need to prepare the workshop. This is very important.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory (Optional)

The Bible refers to the fact that each of us is given spiritual gifts. Do you know your spiritual gifts? Understanding your Spiritual Gifts will help you understand your God given talents and Strength.  Click here to find your Spiritual Gifts. Knowing your Spiritual Gifts is part of your homework exercises 3.

5 Love Languages (Optional)

In living your strengths it is important that you let others know your love language so you can be appropriately appreciated, rewarded and motivated. Click here to find your love language. Knowing your Love Language is part of your homework exercises 4.