Golden Years

They say that life is like a roll of toilet paper; it moves faster as you get closer to the end.  Sometimes before you know it, you may find it is too late to take care of unfinished business. Don’t let this happen to you.

What did they say about this Seminar?

We asked the seminar participants a simple question “if asked about this session what would you say? Her is what they said.

For those in the golden years, this two-part seminar will help you live life to the fullest and finish well.

  • Part One: After you’re gone, the goal is to prepare your loved ones for what you will leave behind. Through true-life stories, you will find questions for engaging family conversations.
  • Part Two: Before you’re gone you are challenged to live your golden years to the fullest.  As long as you have life, you have a God-given purpose and God-given talents. With plans for each phase of your golden years you will stay engaged because God cares, your family cares and Jesus cares.

What are the golden years?

Your golden years are structured in four overlapping phases; Freedom Years you are free to dream and make choices you never could before. In your Retirement Years enjoy a more relaxed pace of life in response to your physical constraints. When Assisted Living comes engage others in your life by seeking the assistance you need. Long-Term Care is a time for others to care for your needs as you fulfill your plan and finish well.

What is your plan?

You need to plan. For each phase stay engaged in the life of your family, church, and community. Your plan will focus on developing your spiritual wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, physical well being, and financial wellbeing.

What do you get?

In this seminar, you will get engaging interactive presentations, team discussions and exercises as well as optional questions and answers time with lawyers and other professionals.  In addition, you will also get access to download the following two resources:

FREE:  Easy to use large print family conversation resource book.

FREE: Easy to tailor and personalize life plan template in MS Word.