Professionals all agree that a difficult job can be made easy if you have the right tool. The right tool helps you set a structure or a process to get the job done. The right tool acts as a critical resource that leverages your natural talents and abilities. We are glad to offer thinking and process oriented tools that we have used, collected or are pleased to recommend.


At our eStore you will find our books:

  • Life Plans, Design Your Better Future
  • Challenges, Changes and Cures, Improving Effectiveness by Overcoming Work And Information Overload
  • Overloaded? From Overload to Balanced Living, Taking Control of Work And Information Overload

Topical Frameworks

You do not need theory — you need practical solutions to critical problems! To ensure successful  implementation we offer purpose driven, process based topical frameworks that are supported by easy to use tools and templates. This is the hallmark of our workshops, seminars, and coaching.

Living Your Strengths

For participants in the Living Your Strengths Workshop are welcome to download an exercise book, a workbook, see workshop video clips and other helpful links and resources.