Needs Assessment Tools

You Are Unique!! For this reason, we invite you to assess your personal needs. Perceptions can be misleading, so take use our simple needs assessment tools. This will help you diagnose your needs before we can prescribe how you can be the best you can be without burning out.

Are You Living Your Strengths?

According to Gallup research, up to 87% of those surveyed do not believe that they consistently have an opportunity to be the best they can be and do what they love to do most. In other words, only a few of us are living our strength on a day to day basis. Are you one of the few? Take time to find out and learn what you should do.

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Do you need a coach?

Athletes worldwide appreciate the critical role of effective coaching. The same applies to the game of life with its challenges and the opportunities for growth we face. So we ask do you need a coach.  This high-level self-assessment tool gives you a simple yardstick to articulate how you feel about your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well being. Use it to interact with friends and/or coaches who support you in being your best.

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Are you overloaded?

The knowledge-based economy has created a highly interdependent relationship between effectiveness, wellness, work, and information overload.  Control one and you will overcome the other. The results you will find are improved effectiveness and more work/life balance. This simple 10 question test will take but a minute and the results will help you know what you should do.

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How is your team?

As a business leader, you face a unique set of circumstances. While the challenges we all face may carry similar tones the solutions we bring must be shaped by our unique distinctions, perspectives, talents, and abilities of your team.

Diagnose Before Prescribing

With our web-based needs assessment, we take the guesswork out of the process. This is the role of The Effectiveness and Overload Gauge™,

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Overloaded with e-mail?

E-mail is  a system integrating communication, information, and time management as well as task and project controls. Regretfully, if it is misused, it results in compromised communication quality, ineffective work habits, and even personal and corporate liability.

E-mail overload is not having too much e-mail; it is the resentment that comes from the culture of urgency and the misuse of e-mail as a communication tool. How do you feel?

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Overloaded with meetings?

In today’s collaborative work environments meetings, virtual or in person, are a most effective communication venue. As meetings, participation and the time we spend in meetings grows we cannot overestimate the need to enhance personal and corporate meeting quality.

Meeting overload is not having too many meetings but rather it is the resentment of time and life wasted in ineffective meetings.

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