Strengths Workshop Toolbox

The Strengths Workshop is a totally free ministry. Our objective is to help people discover their God given strengths and fulfil their life callings. The Workshop and all related tools and resources are a NOT FOR PROFIT instrument to be used for the glory of God and the good His kingdom. This page provides tools to support participants in the:

  • SW FrtThe Strengths Workshop and or
  • The Engaged Church Seminar


All our books including The Strengths Workshop Book are offered free as a Pdf soft copy.

Click to request your copy in English.  Or Click here to request your copy in Spanish.

You are fee to print these soft copies and  for your personal use. Printed copy are available at click here to access the list.


Click here to get all The Strengths Workshop Book templates are provided in Microsoft Word Format that you can modify to meet your needs.


Time Planning Worksheets

An excel based time budgeting and planning tool

Gallup Strengths Center

downloadClick here to go gain access to your Strengths Center  There you will gain access to your StrengthsFinder2.0 reports. If you need help, contact Gallup support at:

  • Phone: 1-888-561-5270 (Mon-Thu 7 a.m.-5 p.m. CST).

Going Deeper Tools

This link will lead you 34 Going Deeper pages.  There you will find one page for each of the 34 Strengths themes.  Click the linked Theme and you will find:

  • Two related videos.  One short and another will lead you into a deeper understanding of your Strengths.
  • Full Theme Description
  • Thoughts on the shadow side of each strength theme
  • Strengths Domain description
  • Other helpful links


Know Your Spiritual Gifts

The Bible refers to the fact that each of us is given spiritual gifts. Do you know your spiritual gifts? Understanding your Spiritual Gifts will help you understand your God given talents and Strengths.  Click here for a free survey to find your Gifts.   Please inform us if you find a better survey.

Find Your Love Language

In living your strength it is important that you let others know your love language so you can be appropriately appreciated, rewarded and motivatedWhat is your love language?  Click here to find out.Please inform us if you find a better survey.Click to listen to the book for FREE  

Talent Stewardship Toolbox

This Simple Excel workbook helps leaders in the development of work teams in response to team objectives. Click here to learn more and download the Talent Stewardship Toolbox 

Tools for Leaders

For leaders who want to facilitate a the Strengths workshop you will find:Businesspeople Having Informal Office Meeting

Other Paper and Links